​While working in the NYS Court System, Rich has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of Judges and lawyers while stenographically taking civil and criminal proceedings, such as jury trials, hearings, oral arguments, criminal pleas, and sentences. 

          "Rich was a court reporter when I was on the bench. He sometimes worked in the parts to which I was assigned. In addition to doing an excellent job of transcription, and having a very pleasant demeanor, Rich brought something extra to the job. He would read published decisions I wrote and have thoughtful and respectful substantive discussions with me regarding them. He also took the initiative in providing me with the transcriptions of proceedings in which my fellow judges had confronted similar procedural issues to those confronting me, so that I could benefit from their experiences. I felt fortunate to have Rich working with me.” 

-Kenneth Gartner, Judge, New York State District Court worked directly with Rich at Nassau County District Court

          “I have known Rich for nearly 8 years. Rich has done stenographic work for me in both hearing and trial status and has always provided extremely accurate transcripts despite the fact i often speak very fast. His work is turned over quickly and always after good communication on the needs and ultimate status of the work.

Utilize Rich's services whenever you need a qualified, professional stenographer.

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time."

-Joseph Lo Piccolo, Esq. 

          “I've had the pleasure of having Rich as a court reporter for numerous trials and pre-trial hearings during my career, and he has always delivered. When it comes to professional service, accurate records and quick transcripts, Rich is second to none. You (and your clients) will not be disappointed.” 

-David J. Barry, Assistant District Attorney, Nassau County District Attorney's Office was with another company when working with Rich at Rich Moffett Court Reporting


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